Venue for meetings
Work at Allendale House is continuing beyond January at the earliest, so the venue for the next few meetings is still St Catherine’s Hall, Wimborne where we used to meet. For new members’ information, the hall is at the rear of St Catherine’s Roman Catholic Church, which is at the junction of Leigh Road and Lewens Lane in Wimborne. (A map was enclosed with a recent Newsletter).

We are sorry to report that Eileen Wheeler, a member since June 1984, died a few days before Christmas. She had a broken ankle, was admitted to hospital and shortly afterwards suffered a fatal heart attack. Eileen was an octogenarian and in recent years found it difficult to get to meetings but we were pleased to see that she was able to attend a few more recently. We are grateful to Mike Fryatt for bringing her, as we know Eileen enjoyed the lectures. Eileen was a merry soul who had a wide interest and fund of knowledge on such subjects as archaeology, geology, natural history and history. She was also an accomplished artist. She was an active member of an incredible number of Poole societies. Our sympathy rests with her son, an EDAS member and the family.

Our December talk ‘Medieval Use of Wild Flowers and Herbs’ by our member Barry Perrat, was a slight deviation from our usual ‘core subject’ but, as all who get along on our walks will know, Barry has such a great depth of knowledge on this subject that we looked forward to it in anticipation. We were not disappointed.

Many modern medicines are plant-derived but it was quite staggering to learn of the range of uses in Medieval times for cures and, on some planned and unplanned occasions, kills. Barry also showed his skill as a photographer with some wonderful close-up shots. Many of these were taken on Martin Down and Bokerley Dyke and next time you have the opportunity to explore this area if you can’t take Barry don’t leave home without a pocket guide. Even with the distraction of mince pies and coffee we were all eager and attentive for the second half of our talk. Thank you Barry for enlightening us yet again .
Alan Hawkins

Dewlish Roman Villa, starting 13th January

On Tuesday 13th January the first in a series of eight weekly evening-class lectures on the Dewlish Roman Villa starts, given by Bill Putnam. The course takes place in Stratton Village Hall and is arranged by Bristol University. It costs £40 per person, and can be booked by ringing 0117 928 7165 and quoting course no. D03J011RP.

Phil, Marion and I attended the previous two years of these courses (“Roman Roads”, and “Roman Towns”) and as you would expect from Bill they were excellent.

EDAS Field Trip 2004
Please see the separate fact sheet, Click here for details which gives some advance details of the trip. If you are interested in joining us, please complete the application form at the bottom of the fact sheet and return it to me as soon as possible so that I can proceed to book the visits. As Hadrian’s Wall is now being heavily promoted, early booking of accommodation is recommended. Suitably placed accommodation for the trip would be somewhere in the Haydon Bridge/Hexham/Wall area. If you require any further information regarding the Trip or accommodation, please contact me on 01425 471326 or email me at peterdwalker
Peter Walker

Membership Fees
See separate article about the suggested change in the payment method. Click here for details

Delivery of the Newsletter
The Committee feels that the monthly Newsletter is a very useful means of communicating with all members of the Society, and we hope that you agree. However, it is also one of the major costs to the Society: the stationery, printing and postage. The Committee has discussed on several occasions the possibility of offering ‘electronic’ delivery to those (and only those) who specifically want it. This approach was not really viable when we thought that only a few EDAS members were connected to the internet, but Della’s current members’ details show that about 75% are connected. We could e-mail the Newsletter to you regularly every month, or otherwise you could download it off the EDAS web-site. Either way, this also has the advantage that you would receive the Newsletter before the monthly letcture meeting

To be able to receive the Newsletter electronically you would need a copy of Microsoft Word Software, or at least a Word reader. Newsletter download times vary from about 30 secs to (very occasionally) 5 minutes if it contains a number of pictures. However, it means that those of you who keep your Newsletters could file them on the computer instead of taking up cupboard space! Also, of course, it would save EDAS money and help to preserve a number of trees.

If you are interested in principle in receiving your Newsletter this way then please let me know by e-mailing me at with the title EDAS Newsletter, and letting me know if you would prefer e-mail or web-site delivery. If a reasonable number of members are interested then we will investigate it further. (Please include your name in the e-mail, because sometimes these are not very obvious from the e-mail address.)


The dates for EDAS events are underlined. The monthly evening lectures start at 7.30 pm.
Walks and field visits usually meet at 10.30 am at the published Grid Reference. Ring the leader if the weather is doubtful or if more details are required.

Wed 11 Feb EDAS Lecture: 'Aspects of Dorset's Medieval Archaeology' with lan Hewitt of Bournemouth University
Wed 10 Mar EDAS Lecture: ‘Early Religion in Wessex’ with Teresa Hall of EDAS.