We wish all our members and their families a Happy New Year


We are very pleased to report that Martin Green is now back on his feet and very much on the mend. He has also decided to get specialised help for any tree pruning in the future!


Owing to the unexpected unavailability of some of our speakers, there have been a number of changes to our programme.

January Meeting

Kevin Andrews, who was due to speak, has been ill and so our Programme Secretary Steve Smith has organised a replacement.  The lecture will be given by Gerald Ponting, who will talk about "Artists and Antiquarians at Stonehenge". This is a new slide presentation investigating how Stonehenge has been viewed by artists and antiquarians from the 14th century right through to modern cartoonists. Gerald Ponting is a professional photographer and author and has previously presented a talk to EDAS on the stone circle of Callanish.

February and March Meetings

The speaker for the Christchurch Antiquarians lecture "The History of Christchurch Castle and the results of the recent Geophysical survey of the site" was to have been Roger Hills, but he has now left the society and Mike Tizzard (member of EDAS and Christchurch) has arranged for Peter Fenning and David Eales to give the talk. However, they are only available for February so Davina Freedman has agreed to swap to the March meeting instead.

Please see the ‘Dates for Diary’’ section for an updated programme.

We also remind members that the February lecture is on the third Wednesday of the month, not the second.


Martin Green is unable to give us a talk at the AGM, and Steve Smith is trying to get John Gale to tell us about Knowlton. We will keep you informed in the next Newsletter.


Last EDAS Evening Lecture

At our Christmas meeting John Day talked about the history of EDAS, and showed many slides from the very early days, including the first excavation, which was of the Roman Road crossroads next to Badbury Rings. We were amazed at how young some us us used to look. After the tea break and mince pies Peter Walker brought us right up to date with a presentation on last year’s Field Trip to Hadrian’s Wall. We thank John and Peter very much for entertaining lectures, and for reminding us about EDAS both old and new.


The dates for EDAS events are underlined. The monthly evening lectures start at 7.30pm.

Walks and field visits usually meet at 10.30 am at the published Grid Reference. Ring the leader if the weather is doubtful or if more details are required.


Wed 12 Jan

**Change to the published Programme**

EDAS Lecture ‘Artists and Antiquarians at Stonehenge’, with Gerald Ponting.

Wed 16 Feb

**Change to the published Programme**

EDAS Lecture: Peter Fenning and David Eales of Christchurch Antiquarians talks on ‘The Archaeology and History of Christchurch Castle’

(Please note: this is the 3rd Wednesday of the month)

Wed 9 Mar

**Change to the published Programme**

EDAS Lecture: Davina Freedman of EDAS on ‘The Rock Art of Mid Argyll: An Archaeological Investigation’.

Sun 20 Mar

Tour of Christchurch Castle with Christchurch Antiquarians and tour of Christchurch Priory with Mike Beams.

Wed 30 Mar

EDAS AGM, followed by a talk (provisionally by John Gale about Knowlton).