2022-23 Programme Brochure

2021-22 Programme Brochure

2020-21 Programme Brochure

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2022PROGRAMME - all meetings take place on Wednesdays at 7.30 p
14 SeptThe Romans at Druce Farm Villa - Mosaics, Middens and Military? by Lilian Ladle. The latest interpretation of Druce Farm Villa after all the finds have been analysed.
12 OctMarine Archaeology in the Black Sea by Helen Farr. The Black Sea MAP project has been one of the largest maritime archaeological research projects ever conducted. Cutting edge technology enabled the survey and recording of over 60 shipwrecks in water depths of up to 2,000 metres. In this talk, Helen will share some of the incredible footage and take you back 2,500 years to see the most intact Ancient Greek ship ever discovered.
9 NovHinton St Mary Mosaic - Fieldwork & Excavations by Richard Hobbs. A talk that will focus on the new fieldwork and excavations that have recently taken place at the Roman villa site at Hinton St Mary.
14 DecRedefining the Neolithic Map: Recent work on the long barrows of Cranborne Chase and the Avon Valley by Mike Gill. A good deal of detective work is needed before a possible new Neolithic monument can be located, surveyed and, hopefully, confirmed. Mike's talk will cover this phase, as well as the survey, the new sites found and what they've told us about previous received wisdoms.
11 JanThe last wild Britons - the Mesolithic people at Springhead by Julian Richards. A chance find of mesolithic flints at a local auction has led to excavations at Springhead, Fontmell Magna searching for more evidence of the makers of these fine flints. The project is led by Julian and Sue Richards with a team of amateurs digging at Springhead and the gardens of several surrounding houses.
8 FebAncient China by Neil Meldrum. Chinese culture in its earliest phase, the so called Three Dynasties, the Hsia, the Shang and the Zhou covered a period from approximately 2000 BCE down to 221 BCE when Qin Shih Huang, the first true Emperor of China emerged battle scarred but triumphant. Neil will focus on the cultural developments during this period bringing in Confucius, and other ancient Chinese philosophers, and try and explain China's inexorable path to early empire.
8 MarAGM, followed by a talk (details not yet available.
12 April40 years of archaeology in Dorset by Peter Cox. Peter Cox of AC Archaeology has over 40 years of experience of archaeology in Dorset. His talk will highlight some of the memorable projects during that time.
10 MayThe manor of Putton and the potential of medieval archaeology in Dorset by Clare Randall. Based on the excavation of the manor at Lower Putton Lane, Chickerell, built in the 12th century, this lecture explores the medieval landscape of Dorset and the lives of the people who lived there.

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